Saturday, September 29, 2012


Not Final Cover.
I had a publishing deal fall through yesterday. It happens from time to time. Just the nature of any business, not just publishing. I don't plan to go into any details (so please don't ask), but the publisher and I remain friendly and on good terms so that's a big positive. It was a very professional experience all around and I have an even greater respect for the publisher as a result. I have certainly had experiences that were not handled professionally so I am also thrilled to work with professionals. In fact, I am doing a short story for an anthology for the publisher (more on that later) so there is still a relationship there, one I hope continues to grow.

Not Final Cover.
The Evil Ways re-release will be delayed a bit as a result, but hopefully not long as I've already started looking into alternatives. I just have to regroup and plan my next move. I just wanted to let everyone know that Evil Ways and Evil Intent are still coming along and I'm doing everything I can to get them in the hands of readers sooner-ish rather than later-ish.

Speaking of which, I really should get back to work.


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