Friday, September 21, 2012


It's a sign, I tell ya! A sign!
I had a fortune cookie with lunch today. Here's a photo of my fortune. It made me laugh. Who would've thought it, eh? The people in the restaurant must have thought I was crazy because I burst out laughing when I read it. I figure this was the universe's way of telling me to get back to work.

It feels like there should be more.
Here are the books I’ve written on a shelf. I finally filled a complete shelf with titles I’ve worked on. Note the Lance Star pilot cap and my favorite space station up top. Funny, but it feels like there should be more. I look at it and wonder why there aren’t more books there. My next goal is to fill up the shelf beneath it.

At the crossroads of the universe stands... Deep Space Nine.
My DS9 model was a big hit when I posted this photo earlier on Facebook so here's a better shot of it.

A few of my babies.
And finally... Getting an email from Amazon telling me they are sending me money for books sold makes me happy. Now I can treat myself to lunch out one day. Granted, after the lunch I'll be broke again, but still...
To the few of you who purchased any of my books in paperback or ebook, thank you so much. I appreciate it and I hope you enjoy the books.

Speaking of which, I should probably get back to writing. I'd hate to disappoint the fortune cookie. :)


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