Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Working on Evil Intent outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having today.
Here's a taste of today's work:

The newspaper reporter was cautious, but given his profession that was an admirable trait. If he thought that Donnie was anyone other than who he claimed, he hid it well.

Harold answered on the third ring. “Not a great time, Ray,” he heard his brother say on the other end. “Can I call you back?”

“Actually, I think this might be important,” Franklin said.

“Is something wrong?” Harold asked.

“Yeah,” Franklin said. “I’m flying solo here today. Myers and Dooley aren’t here and I really could use them.”

“What’s going on, Ray?” Harold asked, sounding more nervous than he’d heard him in some time. “Who’s there with you?”

“I’ve got an Agent Rogers from the ATF here in my office. He said he needed to get in touch with you.”

“Rogers? Brian Rogers?”

“Yeah. That’s him,” Franklin said.

“Is he listening in?”

“No. He’s in my office.”

“Okay. Stay calm. That’s not Brian Rogers."


Okay, back to work.



A little more Evil Intent from today's writing session:
“My God,” Harold said.

“Yeah. It’s bad,” Carter said. He watched as the medical examiner’s techs loaded the body of a young woman into a body bag. “Biggs was first on the scene. He’s taking it hard.”

“I bet. Who’s the girl?” Harold asked.

“No idea. You know, Brian. He rarely had a shortage of trim lying around. She was lying facedown on the bed. The ME puts T.O.D. for both at around five or six this morning.”

“But the 911 text…” He didn’t have to finish his thought. They both knew what it meant. The medical examiner’s time of death didn’t line up exactly with the emergency signal they had received. Whoever had killed the ATF agent had sent the text message after Brian and his lady friend were dead.

“The usual,” Carter said and blew out a breath. “Could be anyone at this point. I just don’t know.”


Okay, just a little more writing before getting ready to record tonight's Earth Station Who "The Power of Three" episode. It's been a fun-filled day of action, intrigue and adventure.


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