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Bobby and his book!
The past four weeks have been a whirlwind of activity -not to mention a lot of miles on the ol’ Con-Wagon- as convention season has kicked into high gear. My last convention wrap up was from the new Alabama Phoenix Festival in Birmingham, Alabama. You can read all about that one here.

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Although I had originally planned to stay home the next weekend and write, I was invited to ride up to Con Carolinas in Charlotte, NC and hang out with Starship Farragut’s Michael Bednar, Michael Day, and Frank Parker. I drove up to Charlotte on Saturday, June 2nd and spent a fun day chatting with friends, fans, and many of the guests at the con. It’s always fun chatting with John Hartness, James R. Tuck, Tally Johnson, Jer Alford, and more. It was a fun day and I had a great time. Only took a few photos and sadly didn’t get one with the Farragut guys. Darn it.

A cool Star Trek crew. They were great fun. Photo at the Farragut booth.
The front hallways. This one is almost always crowded.
The dealer's room. The actor guests are to the right of the edge of this photo.
The side hallway. Also pretty crowded.
Check out Starship Farragut at www.starshipfarragut.com
On June 9th I took another ride, this time toward Rome, Georgia, along with my pals, writers Sean Taylor and Michael Gordon, for a book signing at Gordon Lee’s Legends of Rome comic shop. Legends has recently moved into a new location inside the Mt. Berry Mall and I was excited to visit the new location. I loved the wide-open space int he store. It was very warm and welcoming. There was a small crowd and I sold a few books, met some new folks, and had a great time. We even ended up staying a good hour and a half longer than our scheduled signing time. Thanks again to Gordon Lee for inviting us out to be a part of the fun.

My table.

Welcome to Legends of Rome!

Mike Gordon and his Fan-Tiki-Tastic comics.

Mike hams it up for the camera.

A Green Hornet Casefiles on the shelf. I signed it.

Sean Taylor signing a copy of The Bad Girls Club comic.

Sean's Boob Grab Photo (TM) Jack's thinking, "Oh, Dad..."

Sean Taylor, writer of Gene Simmons' Dominatrix from IDW.

The view from behind my table.

Front of the store.

Welcome To Legends.

Sketch I did inside the I Am Googol book I sold.
After the signing, Mike Gordon and I headed over toward Knoxville, Tennessee for the Knoxville Comic and Anime Con. The con ran June 9 - 10, but we arrived after the show closed for the day on Saturday. After meeting up with our Earth Station One co-hosts, Mike and Judy Faber, we had a fantastic meal at a local Knoxville eatery then traveled to McKay Books, an amazing used bookstore in the area. I stocked up on some reading material and only spent a few bucks. I’ll definitely have to get back out there again. 

Me at McKay Books. Looks like I'm the only one there in this pic, but this place was packed.
On Sunday, June 10th, Mike and I sat up our individual tables at the Knoxville Comic and Anime Con and also manned the ESO table after Mike and Judy returned to the Atlanta area. The convention had quite a large attendance on Sunday, and although it was a bit smaller than Saturday’s crowd, there were a lot of folks in costume as well as folks just there to take it all in. I sold a few books and had some fun conversations with the other guests like Don Hillsman, Joe Linsner, Rodney Hall and other zombies from The Walking Dead. It was a great day. Thanks again to Marc Ballard and Wes Tillander for inviting us out to be a part of the show.

My table at Knoxville.

ESO's Walking Dead (L-R): me, Rodney Hall, Mike Faber, Mike Gordon.

Into the dealer's room.

Mike manning his table and the Earth Station One table.

Judy Faber, Bobby Nash, Rodney Hall, Mike Faber, Mike Gordon.

New Krypton Comics

Awesome plaster cast mask. Great costume.

Folks lining up for The Walking Dead panel.


TARDIS dress

Another awesome costume. Loki. I especially love the detail on the helmet.

Don Hillsman

The ESO Crfew. No, I'm not scratching Mike's head. :)


Meet The Walking Dead zombies.

In the dealer's room.

Dealer's room.

They had fantastic hand-made steampunk costumes and jewelry

Don Hillsman  dropping the comic knowledge.

Don's Action Pose.

One of the Sunday costume contest winners.

Shoot first. Ask questions later.

Lining up for the 501st costuming panel.
Capped off the day with dinner with friends, Charles and Beverly Conner and Mike Gordon before hitting the road back to Atlanta. Lots of laughs were had.

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