Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boldly Going! My Latest Project!

I’m excited to officially announce that I wrote a script for the Star Trek fan series, Starship Farragut. Set in the time of Star Trek: The Original Series, my story is called “Conspiracy of Innocence.” The crew of the Farragut discovers an advanced and thriving civilization on a previously uninhabited planet. Captain Carter and Chief Smithfield accept an invitation planet side and beam into an adventure neither of them ever expected.

As a longtime Star Trek fan, I had a lot of fun writing this one. I first met creator/actor John Broughton and Executive Producer Michael Day at the Con Carolinas convention in 2010. Our tables were across the hall from one another so I got to watch their episodes several times over the weekend. By the end of the weekend I had a rough idea for a story in place and talked to Michael about possibly writing something for them. That story became “Conspiracy of Innocence.”

“Conspiracy of Innocence” will go before cameras this fall. I will keep you updated on things as much as I can right here. Doubly exciting, this is the first thing I’ve written that will be filmed. I imagine it will seem strange when I see it, but a good kind of strange.

Watching "The Price of Anything" at Trek Trax Atlanta with cast, crew, & fans.

Starship Farragut’s latest adventure, “The Price of Anything” will be available across the ‘net in August. I watched a rough-cut of this one at the Trek Trax convention recently and it looks great, a very professional looking program. If you’re a Trek fan you will need to check this one out.

You can view the trailer below or at

Here’s what Starship Farragut’s John Broughton said about “Conspiracy of Innocence” on his blog.

J. Broughton, H.Bednar, & M. Bednar.
With THE PRICE OF ANYTHING slated for release this August, folks have posted on our Starship Farragut Facebook page, asking what’s next?  Well, we’re officially in pre-production of our next Farragut adventure.  The group reviewed numerous scripts and we ultimately chose the screenplay, CONSPIRACY OF INNOCENCE written by Bobby Nash.

Bobby has written a plethora of novels and scripts – you can check him out at  Producer Jack Marshall is currently reviewing and annotating the script; from there collective weigh-in from the other stakeholders, which will then provide back to Bobby for final incorporation.  We will film CONSPIRACY OF INNOCENCE immediately following the Star Trek Continues full episode this fall.

You can learn more about Starship Farragut at

I’d like to thank the cast and crew of Starship Farragut for the opportunity to write a Star Trek script. I wonder what young Bobby would say if he only knew that one day he would write something based on this TV series he enjoyed so much and used to play in the backyard when he was a kid? I bet he’d be thrilled... and maybe more than a little shocked.

Warp Speed Ahead.



Life Defined said...

Wow - how exciting! Congratulations, Bobby! Definitely keep us posted on the proceedings. I can't wait to learn more of its development!


Bobby Nash said...

Thanks, Rachel. I'm pretty thrilled about this. Not only am I a Star Trek fan, but I'm excited to see something I wrote filmed.

Fun times ahead.


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