Saturday, March 17, 2012


Pretty full day of writing today. Wrote roughly 1,500 words on The Spider, did some marketing work, updated my website, and worked on the 2nd draft of a graphic novel script. All in all a pretty full and productive day.

I also made a nice little discovery while working on the Domino Lady novel. Sometimes I cast the characters in my head so I can "hear" their voices when I write. Today, I realized that I was hearing Jeri Ryan as the voice of the Domino lady. Now that's good casting. Not only does she have the perfect voice, but I could see her playing the character as well. Great casting choice.

I was told on my Facebook page that I needed a vacation. I cannot argue that point. Sadly, deadlines are stacked up so I don't foresee a vacation anytime in my immediate future. It's times like these when I wished I had a friend with a beach house.  :)

So... Yeah. Busy day. Time to call it a night, I think.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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