Monday, March 12, 2012

Beauology 101: Beauology 101 Pop Quiz

Read Beau Smith's column... Or else.
Over at his Beauology column at the Westfield Comics site, writer Beau Smith posted a few questions about comic reading and collecting. You can read it at I thought they were interesting questions so I posted my answers and wanted to also share them here as well.

Swing on by Beau's column and leave him your answers. I'm sure he'd love to hear your thoughts.


1. How do you store your comics these days: long boxes, crates, shelves, or do you even keep the comics after you read them?

BN: I use these plastic totes with lids. They are about the size of a small comic box and I love them.

2. Do you try new comics every week or month, or stick with the same ones?

BN: I would pick up comics weekly, but as a writer my finances tend to be either feast or famine so I get them when I can. I have certain series that I follow and I do try to check out new titles when I can.

3. Do you continue to buy the same comics each month even though, in your heart of hearts, you know that it no longer is as compelling as it once was, or just because it’s a habit?

BN: I used to be that guy, but stopped buying books I wasn't enjoying. The only book I actively collect is Fantastic Four and I even stopped buying it when I realized that the book was no longer satisfying me. I eventually picked it back up when Dwayne McDuffie took over. Collecting the FF is tough. There have been a lot of poorly executed runs on that title.

4. Do you bag and board all your comics, or just the ones that are old, worth money, or have sentimental value?

BN: I eventually get around to it just to protect them. I tend to put 2 books per bag/board, one on each side of the board. I love my comics. If I bought it you can bet your ass I read it. I doubt my collection is worth al;l that much, although there may be one or two worth a buck or twelve.

5.Do you grade your own comics?

BN: Nope. Wouldn't even know how to begin.

6. Do you re-read your comics?

BN: You bet.

7. Do you read comics online or on devices such as smartphones, iPad, tablets, etc?

BN: Not really. I might run across something and check it out, but I have not fully delved into digital comics reading as yet. Maybe one day.

8. Do you sell or trade your comic books?

BN: Sometimes, but not often.

9. Do you keep inventory of your comics?

BN: I made the attempt once upon a time, but now that my comics take up the equivalent of a small room I don't even bother trying.

10. Do you ever give your comics away?

BN: I have before, but not often. I have also traded books, but it's not something that really comes up a lot.


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