Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Issue Too Long? How Long Should a "Typical" Comic Book Arc Be?

Bobby joins the discussion at Sean Taylor’s Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action blog along with writers Chuck Dixon, Erik Burnham, John Morgan Neal, Ken Janssens, Lee Houston Jr., Martheus Wade, and Sean Taylor. This week, the roundtable discussion looks at plotting comic book stories, length of an arc, and just how important it is to have a beginning, middle, and end to each story.

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This week's roundtable discussion comes from a reader who wrote in with the following:

If I can suggest a question for your question of the day -- How long should a 'typical' comic book story arc be? I ask for various reasons but the main one is that it used to take an issue or two to tell an origin story and I've read several new titles that are on issue 6 and not sure if they've finished any origin story arcs yet.

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