Monday, January 9, 2012


Over on his blog, [] Barry Reese posted a rough sketch by artist George Sellas of the image from Bobby’s story, “Where there’s Smoke...” for the upcoming Tales of the Rook anthology from Pro Se Productions Reese Unlimited imprint.

In "Where There’s Smoke..." In Atlanta, GA, a fire bug who is burning down buildings whose owners dared to oppose the arsonist’s employer. The Rook intervenes and finds himself in a fiery deathtrap.

Here’s that sneak peek at the sketch.
Sketch: George Sellas

From Barry’s blog:
Attached you’ll find a rough sketch by George Sellas depicting a scene from Bobby Nash’s Tales of the Rook story. Let this whet your appetite — and keep in mind that it’s only a rough sketch so while it’s awesome as-is, George is really knocking the ball out of the park on the finished stuff. I’m thrilled to have George on the project — his artwork is going to make the incredible stories by Fortier, Hancock, Bullock, Constantine and Nash even better!

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