Saturday, December 31, 2011

When the muse speaks...

It’s amazing how my brain works sometimes. As soon as my head hit the pillow early this morning (around 3:40 a.m.), story ideas started flowing. So I got up and wrote some more. I love it when the muse kicks in. I just wish it didn’t happen so often when I lay me down to sleep. :)

This particular plot is for the upcoming Tales of The Rook for Reese Unlimited and Pro Se Productions. My story features The Rook taking on an arsonist firebombing buildings in Atlanta, GA.



J. R. Nova said...

When I'm really creative, I cannot sleep as ideas keep coming to me in bed. This makes it really difficult to write at night, even though I get some great writing done later in the day. But once I start it's so hard to turn my brain off again XD

Bobby Nash said...

Sorry, J.R. Somehow I missed this comment when it was posted. I just saw it today while I was doing some updates to the site.

I have that same problem sometimes. That darned ol' muse will hit the minute my head hits the pillow and i just know I won't be getting any sleep.

I can't just ignore her either. My ol' muse gets cranky when she's ignored. :)