Friday, December 23, 2011

So what did I accomplish today?

I'm going to try and add more bits about the writing process as well as what I'm working on here. I know already that I probably won't post updates like that daily, but I also share this information regularly at the following:
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Here was today's post. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Had an okay day of writing. Only 1,100 or so words. This darn sinus infection makes it rather hard to concentrate, but I muddled through. Time for a bit of TV then calling it a night.

I'm working toward the finish line on my story for the upcoming 2012 release of Nightbeat from Radio Archives. This anthology features new stories based ont he old time radio series, Nightbeat. You can see a small placeholder cover in the COMING SOON section along the side of the page (and I'll add it to this post as well). This has been a fun character to write. Now all I have to do is cross the finish line.


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