Monday, December 19, 2011

Charlotte Comic Con Wrap Up!

I was a guest at the Charlotte Comic Con on Sunday, December 18th in Charlotte, North Carolina. A fun show. Con organizers Rick and Dave put on this one day show three times a year. They are always packed and it's great seeing more families at these events, especially all of the kids. They've even started doing a costume contest which adds some nice costumed folks to the mix.

Here are a few photos from the con.
Click on images for a larger view.

Me and my table

The Tiki Zombie team of Mike Gordon and Peter Cutler

Catwoman sketch card I drew

Happy accident. The camera flash makes it
look like the diamond is sparkling. Cool effect.

Nikki Parton and her Catwoman card.

Tiki Zombie gets the R.O. treatment
in a skecthcard I drew

Mike Gordon and his Tiki Zombie card

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