Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012 - The Year of The Novel!

With Deadly Games! on sale and the potential re-release of Evil Ways on the horizon, I've started planning my 2012 novel writing plan and thought I'd share. In addition to the short stories, novellas, and comic book stories I have already scheduled for 2012, my goal is to write and/or complete some novels that are already in process or in the planning stages. For me, 2012 is the year of the novel.

Early plot breakdowns for novels I plan to complete in 2012:

DOMINO LADY (as yet untitled) - A corrupt politician with mob ties is making a run for the Governor's mansion. Domino Lady makes it her mission to make sure that doesn't happen, which puts her at odds with the mob, the police, and the political machine. A pulp thriller set amidst the glamour and greed of 1930's Hollywood.

EVIL WAYS (re-release. Novel is written) - This will happen. A mystery thriller set in a small Georgia town. A killer is targeting a group of friends recently returned to town for their high school reunion. Unfortunately for the killer, FBI Agent Harold Palmer is in town as well on a more personal matter.

EVIL INTENT - The sequel to Evil Ways featuring FBI Agent Harold Palmer. Already in process. Evil Intent picks up three months after the events of Evil Ways. As Harold deals with the ramifications of what happened to him in Sommersville, he and his team are sent to apprehend a domestic terrorist hiding out in the wilds of Tennessee. Things don't go exactly as planned, however. Book Two of what I hope will be a Harold palmer series.

BLOOD SHOT - A mystery thriller. Already in process. Washington Homicide Detective Catherine "Jacks" Jackson and Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson team up when they realize that they are both chasing the same sadistic madman as he plots the brutal deaths of a group of seemingly unrelated victims. Until they discover something called Project: Blood Shot, which puts them on the trail of the killer and his targets. A trail that leads directly toward the President of the United States.

LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER "COLD SNAP!" - A pulp adventure novel. Already in process. Continuing from the adventures from the Lance Star: Sky Ranger anthology series from Airship 27, Lance Star and the Sky Rangers are enlisted by the United States Navy to complete a mission in the Arctic Circle and rescue the pilot who was shot down, Lance's friend, Niles Isburgh. The Nazi's have built a research base int he Arctic and are only days from launching their latest super weapon against the Allies. Lance and the Sky Rangers must destroy this weapon before it is active and rescue their friend. Oh, and did I mention that Lance's greatest nemesis, the Baron Otto Von Blood is now working for the Nazis? A pulp adventure thriller set during the horros of Word War Two.

DEADLY GAMES! 2 - (not official title) Detective John Bartlett and journalist Benjamin West are pulled together again when a killer with a flair for the dramatic dares them to stop him before he can kill again. Inspired by Benjamin West's novels based on his and Bartlett's dealings with Darrin Morehouse, the killer devices a game that only the winner can survive.

EARTHSTRIKE AGENDA - (novel is complete and looking for a publishing home) A science fiction novel set in the year 2193. In the deepest regions of space an enemy has returned, seeking vengeance. Meanwhile, various forces each make a play for the last uninhabited planet in the quadrant, Earth. Once unable to support life, Earth has been terraformed into a paradise and now those without a home to call their own want it for themselves. The descendants of Earth are coming home. Whoever controls Earth-- Wins!

After that there are more novels on the flight line, but it might be 2013 before I get those into the pipeline.


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