Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bobby Nash Walks The Nightbeat

Not Actual Cover.
Radio Archives announces a new line of prose anthologies based on their line up of old time radio dramas. First up is Nightbeat featuring stories by Derrick Ferguson, Tommy Hancock, Howard Hopkins, and Bobby Nash as they join Newspaper Reporter Randy Stone as he searches through the city for the strange stories waiting for him in the darkness.

Look for Nightbeat in 2012 from Radio Archives.

About Nightbeat:

"Hi, this is Randy Stone. I cover the nightbeat for the Chicago Star..."

In the postwar years, a new style of filmmaking began to emerge. Inspired in part by the moody and avant-garde expressionistic school that the Germans brought to the medium in the last days of the silent era, American mystery and detective films began adopting a dark and shadowy look, as well as an air of anxiety, pessimism, and suspicion in both plot and characterization. To critics, it became known as "film noir" -- literally "black film" or "black cinema" -- a style that would also quickly make its way to radio in such hard-bitten, downbeat series as "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe" and "Broadway's My Beat."

One of the top proponents of this style - and arguably the best of radio's various newspaper-based dramas - was "Nightbeat," the story of hard-nosed Chicago Star newsman Randy Stone and his quest for the human news behind the headlines.
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