Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Earth Station One Boldly Goes To The Edge Of The Final Frontier-- And Back!
Space: The Final... well, you know.
Once again the Earth Station One Podcast returns to Titan Comics in Duluth, GA to wrap up our visits to the Star Trek Universe as we chat about Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise. Then we return to the station to discuss this weeks episode of Doctor Who, “The God Complex.” And if that wasn’t enough, we talk to Rodney M. Hall from ‘the Walking Dead’ and the upcoming "Night of the Living Dead 2012" about his upcoming convention appearances in Columbus, GA and Nashville, TN.

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast that we like to call: Wow, So this is the Delta Quadrant, funny how much it looks like Titan Comics!

Why is so dark in here? Amy, you're fired.
Table of Contents 0:00:00 Intro / Welcome

We're lost. I think we made a wrong turn at Cardassia.
0:03:39 Rants & Raves 0:45:10 Doctor Who
1:16:59 Star Trek Voyager
2:03:00 Star Trek Enterprise
2:38:10 Kahn Report
3:01:40 Shout Outs
2:58:03 Show Close
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