Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dragon Con Post-Con Wrap Up!

I spent an incredible 5 days at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Had a blast at the convention, as usual. Met up with a lot of friends, far too many to mention everyone here, but there are a few I wanted to give special mention.

My Bloody Olde Englund creative partner Jason Flowers and I, along with Nikki Nolte, held a Bloody Olde Englund Launch Party at Jason's booth where were gave away the original art to pages 2 and 3 of the book. We also had a preview sketch cover edition on hand as well. I'm excited to say that there was much love for BOE. Look for a full write up and photos at http://www.bloodyoldeenglund.com/.

Special thanks to Michael Gordon and William Kielhorn, both first time guests at Dragon Con who were kind enough to let me squat at their table as well. Great guys and you should check out their books Tiki Zombie, The Invisible Scarlett O'Neil, and Crypto Zo. Check them out on-line at http://www.newlegendproductions.com/.

It was also great hanging out with uber-artist Billy Tackett and his lovely wife, Heather. They're great friends that I see around the con circuit regularly. Atlanta treated them really well and I hope they'll return next year. Check out Billy's art at http://www.billytackett.com/.

And last, but by no means least, thanks to Thom Trainor and the rest of the Dragon Con staff. You put on a really great con. The Dragon Con website is http://www.dragoncon.org/.

Oh yeah, and I finally got to see William Shatner live. I attended his panel, but couldn't afford to get an autograph. A little too rich for this freelance writer's blood. He was very entertaining at the panel, however. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, it's totally worth it.

The Wrap Up:

I came home with a touch of the con cold. Of course, standing in the rain working on my car, which decided to break down on the way home last night, didn't help. The end result is that now I can hardly talk*. Still, it was a great con and I'm excited and ready for next year!

Look for photos soon here and at www.facebook.com/bobbyenashwww.twitter.com/bobbynash, and http://www.bloodyoldeenglund.com/.

*Somewhere out there right now someone is saying, "so that's what it takes to shut him up."  :)

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