Friday, September 9, 2011

Bobby Nash’s “Target: Domino Lady” joins the iPulp Fiction Library

Target: Domino Lady by Bobby Nash
Bobby Nash’s Domino Lady story, “Target: Domino Lady” joins the iPulp Fiction Library. Only $0.75 Learn more at
Decades before Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels, pulp fiction's sultry Domino Lady intrigued and enchanted and then disabled and destroyed evildoers in her vengeful quest for criminal justice as she dismantled political machines and exposed corruption in the courts and in the Capitol.

Target: Domino Lady
Written by Bobby Nash

Because Hollywood’s movie studios have become mob-infested, Domino Lady is determined to expose this evil. Instead, she becomes the object of a manhunt herself, accused of murdering a small-fry mobster. Although the evidence against her is overwhelming, Domino Lady uses her wiles and her wisdom to turn the tables on her enemies once again.

“Target: Domino Lady” is now available at iPulp Fiction for only $0.75. Learn more at

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