Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Golden Age Good Girls at Drive Thru Sci-Fi.

Golden Age Good Girls Volume 1 is now available for digital download at Drive Thru Sci-Fi.

Heroines of the Golden Age of comics and pulp magazines return in all new adventures. Thrill to tales of Amazona, Jill Trent: Science Sleuth, Moon Girl, Vivian Lachan, and Rulah the Jungle Goddess, plus all new original stories of the rocketeering Ms. Amazing and the steampunk bunnygirl Steam Bunny.
Written by Terry Alexander, Jason Bullock, Chuck Miller, Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, and Gaylord Tause.

You can see the first 6 pages for free (5 of which are Bobby's Moon Girl story) at Digital edition is only $2.99.

A print edition is also available at

To learn more about Golden Age Good Girls and Mini Komix, visit them at

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