Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Charlotte Comicon Wrap Up

My table
1st Place Costume
I was a guest at the Charlotte Comicon on Sunday, July 31st. Rick and Dave put on a fantastic one day show several times a year and this was the best one yet. Attendance surged to a little over 600 people, which is pretty amazing. I was especially excited to see so many young kids and teenagers in attendance.

There was also a costume contest that was pretty amazing. First prize went to Ambush Bug with second place going to The Black Cat, which was doubly cool since this was her first convention.

My travel companions for the day were Mike Gordon and Peter Cutler, the creative team behind the Tiki Zombie comic book. If you've not checked out there work, you should.

2nd Place Costume
I had a great time and look forward to the next show.

You can learn more about the Charlotte Comicon at http://www.charlottecomicon.com/.
All 22 photos from the con are posted at www.facebook.com/bobbyenash.

Check out the great crowds

First Class Costumes

I'm surrounded by bugs.

A Wonder Woman sketch I did at the con.

I Am Googol sketch.

Uh oh! The inmates are running the asylum.

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