Monday, July 18, 2011

The Green Hornet: Still at Large!

Don't get stung!
Over at his blog, Win Scott Eckert posted the cover to the recently announced third volume of Green Hornet stories based on the 60's TV series version of the characters.

The new volume will be titled The Green Hornet: Still at Large!

Says Win, "Yes, that's right, folks... there will be a third volume of short stories from Moonstone Books about the 1960s Green Hornet and Kato. Feast your eyes on the cover by Rubén Procopio!"

Green Hornet: Still At Large Cover: Rubén Procopio
"This time around, Joe Gentile and I will be joined by Matthew Baugh in sharing the editorial duties. Our lineup of writers is complete and they are getting busy. Look for the book some time in 2012!"
Bobby will have a story in The Green Hornet: Still at Large called "The Gauntlet."
Volume Two in the series, The Green Hornet Casefiles will be available August 2011 and features Bobby's story, "A Thing of Beauty."

Green Hornet Casefiles coming very, very soon.
Keep checking this space for more information we get it.

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