Monday, June 13, 2011

Sci Fi Summer Con Wrap up
I was a guest at the Sci Fi Summer Convention in Atlanta, GA on June 11th. The convention ran all weekend, but due to a heavy writing workload I was only able to attend on Saturday. In addition to hanging out and talking with fans and guests I was part of two panels.

First was the Author Roundtable where I joined Emilie P. Bush and Michael D'Ambrosio to talk about all things writing. There was a nice crowd for the panel and there were quite a few questions.

The Author Roundtable(s) Panel. Emilie P. Bush, Bobby Nash, and Michael D'Ambrosio.
Second was the Comics Roundtable where I joined Lysa Shin, Peter Cutler, and Michael A. Gordon to talk about creating comics. This panel was also well attended and there were some really fun questions asked.

The Comics Roundtable(s) Panel. Lysa Shin, Bobby Nash, Peter Cutler, and Mike Gordon.
Next up was the Artist Roundtable, which I stayed to watch. It was a very informative panel and I even asked a couple of questions.

The artist roundtable(s) panel. Lysa Shin, Ralph Cruz, Peter Cutler, Kerry Maffeo, and Jon Adelung.
I had a fun time at the Sci Fi Summer Con. To learn more about the convention, check them out online at

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