Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Airship 27 Announces Artist For Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 3

Shannon Hall's Art From "Open Range"
Airship 27 has announced that Shannon Hall will be the artist for volume 3 of the Lance Star: Sky Ranger pulp anthology series scheduled to premiere in 2011.

The artwork to the left (click image for larger view) by Shannon Hall comes from Bobby Nash's story, "Open Range."

Story contributors to Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 3 include Bernadette Johnson, Sean Taylor, Van Allen Plexico, and Bobby Nash. Interior art by Shannon Hall. Edits by Ron Fortier. Design work by Rob Davis. Published by Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Books.

Look for an announcement naming the cover artist soon.

To learn more about Shannon Hall, please visit http://shannonh.carbonmade.com/.
To learn more about Airship 27, please visit http://www.gopulp.info/.
To learn more about Lance Star: Sky Ranger, please visit http://www.lance-star.com/.

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