Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Yin Yang graphic novel excerpt by Bobby Nash and Luis Ruben Rivera Nunez

If you run... they will find you!

Here's an excerpt from the graphic novel, Yin Yang, written by Bobby Nash with art by Luis Ruben Rivera Nunez. Yin Yang is still available from Arcana Comics ( and digitally from WOWIO ( Yin Yang is available through Diamond so your local comic shop can easily order a copy for you.

Yin Yang is still available for order wherever you buy your favorite comic books and graphic novels.
Recommended for teens and older.
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Yin Yang - Front Cover Art: Franchesco, Back Cover Art: NAR!

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And now you've met Yin.

Want to find out what happens next? Pick up a copy of Yin Yang wherever your favorite comic books and graphic novels are sold.

About Yin Yang:

Yin Yang, a graphic novel by Bobby Nash and Luis Ruben Rivera Nunez is now available (originally released September 2010) from Arcana Comics (

Yin and Yang are the best bounty hunters in the business. When the villainous Widowmaker kills the world's greatest superhero live on television she becomes public enemy number one with Yin and Yang hot in pursuit. But Widowmaker has a plan...

Yin Yang is the story of brother and sister super-powered bounty hunters named Yin and Yang. They are the best in the business. No one escapes them. Working for dedicated Federal Marshal, Wade Kendall, Yin and Yang go after meta humans who use their powers to live above the law.

If you run... they will find you!

Written by Bobby Nash
Art by Luis Ruben Rivera Nunez
Coloring by EsComic!
Lettering by Jaymes Reed
Front Cover by Franchesco
Back Cover by NAR
Created and edited by Jason Shane Powell
Published by Arcana Comics (

You can read a free 5 page preview (pages 1 - 5) at

Yin Yang is also available for digital download at Wowio for $4.95

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