Thursday, May 5, 2011

And Now... Bloody Olde Englund

Bloody Olde Englund by Bobby Nash and Jason Flowers is coming soon.
Check out the new Bloody Olde Englund website:

About Bloody Olde Englund:

The town of Bear Creek is an idyllic community nestled between beautiful mountains with a rich history dating back to the earliest days of the formation of the first thirteen colonies. Bear Creek is peaceful and quiet, which is just the way Sheriff Joe Englund likes it. The sheriff is new to Bear Creek, having recently moved to the area with his family.
Sheriff Joe Englund
Sheriff Englund and his deputy investigate a missing persons case and discover a shocking truth. There is a killer on the mountain and no one is safe.

While tracking the killer, Sheriff Joe Englund encounters something he had never expected, something out of a nightmare. His senses tell him it cannot be real, but yet it is. Sheriff Englund has one night to get everyone off of Bear Ridge Mountain or else they all die.
Sheriff Englund and... friend.
BLOODY OLDE ENGLUND is a 66 page horror graphic novel written by Bobby Nash, drawn and colored by Jason Flowers, and lettered by James Burns.
Be Very Afraid!

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