Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Garden (a comic book story by Bobby Nash, Jeff Austin, & Rusty Gilligan)

Back in 2003 Bobby Nash and Jeff Austin created a 10 page science fiction comic book story called The Garden for a benefit book. Unfortunately, the book didn't take off, but the art was pencilled and partially inked. Rusty Gilligan came on board to do some inks and the story was finished. Sadly, the story languished for a short time before it found a home in issue #9 of Planetary Stories on-line magazine.

Please click on each page for a larger view.

We hope you enjoy your stroll through... The Garden.

The Garden - Page 1

The Garden - Page 2

The Garden - Page 3

The Garden - Page 4

The Garden - Page 5

The Garden - Page 6

The Garden - Page 7

The Garden - Page 8

The Garden - Page 9

The Garden - Page 10
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In response to several requests for scripts to review, the post below this one will feature the script pages for the story you've just read.

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