Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Super Weekend In Metropolis!

I spent the weekend in Metropolis, IL for Fandomfest Metropolis Supercon. Unfortunately, the cold and rainy weather kept the attendance lower than we would have liked, but the folks who came out were enthusiastic and some even bought some of my books, which I always appreciate.

"Hi. Please come and take a look at my books."

Outside of the convention, I visited Metropolis' own Superman Museum and Americana Museum, and Riverfront casino with my pal and con-neighbor, Mike Gordon.
"They fight a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice, and The American Way."

The museum's are incredible and were worth the trip alone. If you've not been, I highly recommend it

"Hold on a sec, Clark. I'm on the phone."

The Superman museum covers all things Superman, as you might imagine. There are props, costumes, photos, you name it from all of the TV series, movies, cartoons, as well as toys, comics, cups, toys, roadsigns, etc. You can easily spend hours and hours in this place.

"This looks like a job for..."

"Who is this Lex Luthor guy?"

The Americana Museum boasts having the largest Justice League of America exhibit in the world and I believe it.


There are also sections devoted to robots, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, classic and modern movie monsters, superheroes (there was a nice collection of Green Hornet and Kato masks as well as the Bat-Shield from the 60's series, a western section, Tomb Raider, section, and so much more.

Sittin' for a spell in western alley.

I'm posting photos on Twitter Twitpics www.twitter.com/bobbynash and on Facebook www.facebook.com/bobbyenash. Please check them out.


"Danger, Bobby Nash! Danger!"

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