Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[Release] The Sequel To Bobby Nash’s Hit Novel, Evil Ways, Begins Here!


Ready for Adventure?

Like it Peculiar?

Then PRO SE PRESENTS PECULIAR ADVENTURES #3 from Pro Se Press is for you!

This issue sports a painted cover by pulp artist David Burton and spotlights SOVEREIGN CITY, Pro Se's very own pulp universe! Join Doc Daye and Lazarus Gray for over the top action and adventure! Also along for the ride are monkeys from the future, pirates from the past, The Cerebus Clan, Wylde World, and so many others. Pro Se's Best Selling Title brings even more this time around, including the first part of a Peculiar Oddfellow Novel!! Thrill to stories by Teel James Glenn, Tommy Hancock, Joshua Reynolds, Barry Reese, Fuller Bumpers, Lee Houston, Jr., Ken Janssens, and WITH EVIL INTENT, an excerpt from the forthcoming novel, EVIL INTENT, the sequel to the hit novel, EVIL WAYS from noted author Bobby Nash. And more!

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About Evil Ways:
A novel by Bobby Nash
A string of brutal murders.
A small-town sheriff in way over his head.
An FBI agent on the mend, seeking nothing more than to reconnect with his brother.
A reporter on the trail of a killer, something he thought he’d left behind when he left Atlanta, Georgia for the small town of Sommersville, Georgia.
A town preparing for an annual celebration.
Old friends coming together to celebrate their high school reunion.
What do these events have in common?
Woven together, they create the tapestry of the novel, EVIL WAYS (originally released August 2005), a taught, suspense thriller from author Bobby Nash. This debut novel introduces readers to FBI agent Harold Palmer, a rising star within the Bureau who splits his time between the Violent Crimes Task Force and the Anti-Terrorism Task Force.
In EVIL WAYS, a close call on the job sends FBI agent Harold Palmer on a non-voluntary vacation. At his wife’s insistence, Harold travels from Washington DC to Sommersville, Georgia where his brother, former Atlanta Journal Constitution investigative journalist Franklin Palmer, owns and operates the local newspaper. After a really intense story, Franklin called it quits and moved on to quieter surroundings, hoping to have put corruption and murder behind him.
Unfortunately, that kind of evil is not consigned only to major cities, as Franklin Palmer soon learns when another body is found inside Fort Greene State Park. He sees the timely arrival of his federal agent brother as his means to solve the case.
Also looking to recruit the help of the FBI agent is Sommersville Sheriff Tom Myers, who openly admits that he is out of his depth on the case. Multiple homicides are not something with which he has had much experience.
Reluctantly, Harold agrees to work with the two men to solve the case.
While the investigation proceeds, many visitors come home to Sommerville for the annual Autumn Festival as well as Sommersville High’s ten-year reunion. The town is abuzz with excitement.
Until the next victim is found.
As EVIL WAYS builds to its startling outcome, Harold, Franklin, and Sheriff Myers find themselves between a sadistic killer who feeds on the fear of his prey and the unsuspecting victims still on the killer’s hit list.

EVIL WAYS was the debut novel by writer Bobby Nash.
Note: Evil Ways will only be available in its current incarnation through August 2011.
About With Evil Intent:
A Harold Palmer Adventure by Bobby Nash
Antione Almendola was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.
As part of the task force assigned to apprehend Almendola, Harold Palmer is on the case. When Almendola is found in California, rookie agent Matthew Teofilo is assigned to go undercover to set the trap that will take him down.

His partner for this mission is Harold Palmer, giving him instructions from Washington DC via his ear bud. Things are going well until an old adversary of Harold’s decides to join the party.
WITH EVIL INTENT is a standalone excerpt that leads directly into the novel, EVIL INTENT, currently in production.
Get your print or e-copy of PRO SE PRESENTS PECULIAR ADVENTURES 3 today! http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/pro-se-presents-peculiar-adventures-3/14419041

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