Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thief of Hearts

Bobby is working with artist Daniele Serra on a comic book called Thief of Hearts (title subject to change). Thief of Hearts is a suspense thriller in the same vein as Bobby's novel, Evil Ways. During a brutally hot Atlanta summer, homicide detectives Brooks and Hawkins match wits with a vicious killer who leaves a unique calling card with each of his victims after removing their hearts.

Here's the first page. Art, colors, & letters by Daniele Serra. Click to enlarge.
And here's a snapshot of the script for page 1 by Bobby Nash. Click to enlarge.

Check back for more information on this exciting project.


jasonf said...

Looks Fantastic!!!

Bobby Nash said...

Thanks, Jason. I've been very fortunate to work with some great artists in the last year or so like Daniele, you, James, Jeff. Too cool.


Gary Fitzgerald said...

looks nice.. I'd read that..

Bobby Nash said...

Thanks, Gary. Hopefully, we'll find a publisher and make that happen. :)